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Celebrating Our Early Innovation in Diversity, People Analytics and Ethical AI

Since 2015, we’ve grown immensely as a team and as a platform to provide people intelligence for today’s workforce.

We celebrate our early innovation – almost five years – and the power our inclusive AI technology has provided people, HR and D&I teams to gather the data needed to diversify their workforce, and meet business goals.

We remain committed to building technology our clients and community can trust, with ethical algorithms at the center, and a commitment to data privacy. Because we believe in privacy and security, we invested in SOC 2 Accreditation, and are fully GDPR compliant. We’ve also  partnered with leading researchers to share actionable insights on hiring equity, and talent acquisition. Read more about our recent blogs on how networks work for people of color, and how referral programs impact Asian candidates and women.

Our work with thriving businesses like Gusto, Netflix, and other rapidly scaling companies has allowed our clients to maximize their investments in equitable hiring. 

See Atipica in action in our Product Demo video here:

With all our partners we commit to:

With Atipica, our customers have hit some impressive milestones: 

We created Atipica to help companies build inclusive teams, and because we believe that AI shouldn’t work to hire the best talent. It should work to include everyone. 

Atipica: People Intelligence for Today’s Workforce.

We believe in the power of AI to diversify teams. 

Reach out to us to learn more at or [email protected].

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