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Data-Purposeful Hiring

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Diversity Intelligence

Diversity Analytics to Drive Inclusion

We live in a world of data. Making decisions on data-driven initiatives is great. But what about being data-purposeful?
Give your hiring teams never before accessed data on candidate demographics. They’ll see the power of aggregate information to measure candidate experience, employee mobility and investments in diverse recruiting.

We believe change happens when we can correlate behaviors based on aggregate trends

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60 %
of all applicants don’t self report. We fill in those data gaps with our patented modeling.
70 %
of companies consider the use of people analytics to be a major priority.
35 %
of Chief Diversity Officers are tracking diversity data.
Diversity Intelligence

Measure inclusion across your organization

We share aggregate demographic trends in Atipica’s dashboards, allowing hiring managers, company leadership, and DEI leaders to focus on equity in hiring and in employee representation. Our data complements any self-reported EEOC demographic data, so you can ensure inclusion of all candidates.

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Gusto supports more than 100,000 small businesses across all 50 states and in every industry. That means we need a team that understands and is able to solve the wide range of real-life challenges our customers face daily. Atipica gives us a full picture of our recruiting pipeline so we’re able to find the diverse talent that we need to better serve small businesses.

Head of Recruiting Operations, Gusto
Level up your talent acquisition today
Diversity Intelligence

Improve transparency into equity in your hiring process

Give all of your employees a chance to thrive.

By setting a historical baseline, we encourage our clients to analyze what happened historically within their hiring trends.

40 %
Increase in percentage of Latinx hires after working with Atipica
Total number of women hired at companies after working with Atipica
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Diversity Intelligence

Fill data gaps in demographic reporting

We use EEOC data and our rich databases to provide benchmarks for talent availability and hire rates across the U.S.

We layer EEOC data on top of Atipica models to create a full visualization of who is in your candidate pipeline. We honor an individual's self-reported identity over a prediction.

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Discover the ROI of Atipica

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