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EEOC + Beyond: Atipica’s Demographic Data Options

Last week, we discussed the history of the EEOC, as well as options for collecting demographic information from candidates to inform equitable hiring. 

We learned that many organizations are not getting the data they need to ensure a healthy, diverse pipeline of candidates. This is where Atipica comes in. 

For the data gaps between self reported information, and a full understanding of the demographics of your pipeline, we leverage machine learning models to predict demographic data with 96% accuracy for gender, and 91% accuracy for race. 

Atipica’s model leverages a variety of data sources, including US Census data, EEOC data, and the information parsed from the applicant’s resumes, to make a prediction on an individual’s racial identity. We also incorporate self-reported demographic information into our product, and into our validation sets, so that our users get a more complete picture of the demographic makeup of their candidate pool. This means that we honor a candidate’s self reported demographic from the EEOC first, and rely on our patent pending AI model to fill in any data gaps that follow. 

The EEOC releases data and reports annually based on demographics for location, industry, and type of role. We utilize this data to provide benchmarks for clients on talent availability by geography and industry. Based on our research, we see that  the demographic make-up of a city like Nashville is different than the demographic make-up of the San Francisco Bay Area. We use the location specific EEOC data to advise companies on if they are setting appropriate recruiting, hiring, and retention metrics by demographic based on their geographic talent availability. 

Why is this data important? 

Atipica’s insightful data analytics and services help ensure that your company is compliant specifically with Title VII. Litigation relating to Title VII made up half of all EEOC lawsuits in 2018. We also keep all other EEOC regulations in mind as we thoughtfully build our product and provide our services. In 2018, Title VII resulted in $21,000,000 in monetary relief for people discriminated against in 82 different lawsuits, averaging over $250,000 per lawsuit. 

In addition to financial losses, the data shows that when a company is engaged in a discrimination battle, or even a PR incident realting to diversity and inclusion, employee engagement lowers, company morale takes a downturn, and emplyer brand is shot. We support our clients to take the preventative measures necessary so that hiring practices remain ethical and equitable for all candidates. 

How can I make sure I’m following EEOC regulations? How can Atipica help?

File an EEO-1 Report

Every company with over 100 employees is obliged to follow EEOC regulations, and must conduct and submit a survey with the required data to ensure none of the Equal Employment laws are broken. Employers are allowed to fill in the survey on the employee’s behalf, but if there is any mis-reporting, legal action may be taken. If you do not send one in, but are required to, legal action may be taken by the EEOC. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trainings (Beyond “Unconscious Bias”)

Many companies provide Diversity training to teams and leadership, and help make sure that all practices are ethical and unbiased. There are trainings that address participants of varying levels of cultural competency, including:

  • Trainings for those who need convincing of the merits of diversity in the workplace (recommended these folks work through that with a trusted practitioner and not their underrepresented colleagues)
  • Equitable Hiring and Best Practices with Data
  • Diversity Recruitment: Building an Equitable Pipeline

At Atipica, we seek to combine deep and varied industry expertise on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), that help leaders understand the growth and benefits inclusion brings in today’s business environments. 

Our approach is based on expertise from our data scientists, behavioral scientists, and DEI leaders. We move beyond general training, by using your unique data we can incorporate behavioral data interventions that are proven to foster inclusion at work. 

To learn more about the EEOC, demographic information and how to take action based on your insights, reach out to us at [email protected]

To see a demo of Atipica, reach out here:

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