About Our Team
Our values center around collaboration, diversity and initiative. Yes, we are a software-as-a-service company providing tools for businesses, but at our core, we are team that cares about building data-driven products for PEOPLE.
Laura I. Gómez CEO and Founder
Wanna-be chef, obsessed with paper books and tropical beaches. Proud immigrant and aspiring Buddhist.
Rubi Sanchez
San Mateo, California
Passionate about creating tech products that make a real impact in the world. Loves the outdoors, reading nerdy books, and playing sports with her family.
Anthony Sotelo
San Mateo, California
Baseball aficionado. Enjoys a great cup of coffee. Favorite thing in the world is a Michelada on a hot summer day.
Vineet Abraham
San Mateo, California
Husband, engineer, data-scientist, taco devourer, avid but slow book-reader, admirer of the physical sciences, and a big fan of weekends.
Prasanna Parasurama
San Mateo, California
Statistics, photography, traveling, and happy-hours - in that order. Built a haiku generator. Recent University of Michigan grad, intern at Goldman Sachs.
Otto Hahn-Herrera
Chicago, Illinois
PhD in molecular biology who loves coffee, books, caring for his beard and having hearty laughs.
Jesus Figueroa
Colima, México
Passionate software developer. Loves food, chocolate, working, traveling and learning something new everyday.
Fernando Barajas
Colima, México
Loves to code, play soccer, watch movies and bake.
Juan Olivas
Chihuahua, México
Owns a bowling ball, but his book separator it's on the page 5 of "bowling for dummies", loves the number 12 and tech.
Javier Yazp
Chihuahua, México
"As a child I jumped from the stands in a charreada (a Mexican Rodeo). Just my luck I landed in the saddle of the horse that danced for the public." My life in a tweet.
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