Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
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At Atipica, (pronounced ahh-tee’-pee-kah) everything we do is designed to help business leaders gain the insights they need to make relevant, inclusive changes to their teams and adapt to the modern workforce. We are unlocking the world's talent data through a Business Intelligence platform that unusually combines both artificial and human intelligence to help companies realize the lifetime value of their recruiting data. We provide innovative, automated data driven tools for people analytics. We want companies to attract and retain the right talent, but most importantly, we are passionate about our product as an intelligent, machine learning solution that levels the playing field for all job seekers. Business leaders across industries are recognizing the value of more diverse workplaces and working towards more inclusive hiring trends. At Atipica, diversity is at our core and we recently launched our newest offering, a Diversity Intelligence solution passionate about demographic trends and patented algorithms to help find granular insights to diversify the workplace. Our data models are up to 96% accurate and proprietary to Atipica which means we don’t work within the constraints of self-reporting and can provide historical, comprehensive, and actionable talent data to target areas of improvement and growth for the modern world of recruiting.


Atipica is looking for a Senior Software Engineer who wants to build amazing products with a committed, enthusiastic team! As an early team member of the engineering organization, you will partner closely with our frontend engineers and the CEO to help build a fast and reliable cloud service and build out our application and data analytics architecture. You have solid experience building scalable, quality code; an in-depth understanding of algorithms and data structures but also think outside the box!


We’d love to hear from you if:
● You will design and implement REST-based services in Rails.
● You will play a critical role in all architecture, code, testing, and deployment decisions.
● You will ensure systems/features are adequately prepared for scale.
● Experience with conducting Quality Assurance checks on software.
● You will write automated tests for all services using RSPEC.
● You will experiment with new tools and plugins that can improve development speed, streamline testing procedures, and increase uptime.
● You will make important engineering decisions that balance numerous non-engineering factors with technical considerations.
● You will support and continuously improve release and deployment pipeline.


● Strong development skills, at least 3 years of experience writing server-side applications.
● Database (Postgresql) schema design.
● Experience with RESTful API design and implementation.
● Comfort with the Git branch/merge model.
● Comfort using Ubuntu Linux Server.
● In-depth understanding of AWS services and experience using EC2, RDS (Postgres), S3, and IAM.


● Experience with Javascript (and/or jQuery), ES6, D3 for plotting
● Early stage startup experience