Our Products

Our product platforms are built to help you thoughtfully leverage data insights to improve your hiring process.

Diversity Intelligence

Our Diversity Intelligence platform leverages AI automation to predict the demographic makeup of your pipeline. Clear data visualizations and intuitive dashboards show you the trends in your hiring process so you can make targeted improvements in real time.


Want to understand your prospective applicant pool? Our product is self-service, easy-to-launch and intuitive to use. Gradus integrates with your applicant tracking system, and provides actionable insights into your recruiting funnel.

Inclusive Rediscovery

Our rediscovery platform is built to minimize bias in the hiring process. Based on candidate experiences and skill sets, our AI model recommends compatible candidates who may have fallen through the cracks in your funnel. Cut time reviewing resumes by 60%, and access your active pipeline of compatible, diverse candidates.

Augment API

Easily integrate Atipica's AI model into your organization's people analytics platform to view predicted candidate demographics and skill sets. Our API is customizable and intuitive.

Seamless Integration

Our products seamlessly integrate with applicant tracking systems and sourcing CRMs so that you can receive data-driven, automated reports on your talent pool.


With our patented and proprietary models, we leverage public and private data to show you automated insights into your hiring process.

Data Security

The security of our customer's data is imperative for the Atipica team. Read more about our general data
security protocols here.

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