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What We Built This Year and What’s Coming Soon

Since 2015, we’ve grown immensely as a team and as a platform to provide people intelligence for today’s workforce. We have helped companies use data to track the recruiting and hiring experience of underrepresented candidates. We help business leaders maximize their investments in talent acquisition of underrepresented candidates.  

Check out some of our recently launched product features that help our customers get the people intelligence they need for today’s workforce! 

Watch our Product Demo Here:

Learn more about Atipica’s product roadmap for 2020. 


Insightful Data Trainings: We have worked with customers to create action plans for bringing data insights to life with their internal hiring and recruitment processes. We are building out our strategic solutions arm with the support of DEI experts and academic advisors. 

Active Jobs: Our new Active Jobs tab shows current metrics and progress for your open roles. We encourage using this data to jump start conversations between Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, and Hiring Managers.

Honoring Self-Reporting (EEOC): For customers who have chosen to share EEOC data with us, we are now honoring candidates’ self reported demographic data in addition to our model predictions. This will lead to better data, and more nuanced insights for your team. 

Updated Applied vs Hired Visualizations: After much helpful customer feedback, we are updating our visualizations that show your applied vs hired metrics. We have new visuals, and an updated tab with key metrics on hire data.

Platinum Insights and Analyses: We have begun offering data analysis outside of the product. If you are interested in deep dive looks at your highest quality sources, the makeup of your hiring managers or interview panels, or geographic specific industry benchmark data, reach out to our team.

Updated modeling: We constantly improve our predictive modeling as we retrain with inclusive, diverse data sets. We track accuracy, recall, and precision of our predictions with an emphasis on applicants of color, particularly black candidates. 

🔜 Coming Soon

Improved Reporting with Templates: We are updating the user experience of our CSV Downloads. Coming this quarter, our columns and rows will be simplified, organized better and we will offer template reports you can choose from. This will include an intersectional view of both gender and race. 

Focus Areas Becomes Nudges & Interventions: Using Behavioral Science expertise, we are building out interventions within product that will alert you and the team of changes needed to achieve equity. 

Partnerships and Integrations: We are working with other key players in the sourcing and recruiting tools space to integrate and collaborate on inclusion value-adds for our mutual clients.

Atipica Index: A unique index that incorporates public, private and market data into thinking about equitable hiring. 

Reach out to us to learn more at, or via [email protected]

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