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Talent Acquisition

Insights into Sourcing, at scale

Help your recruiters understand what sources are bringing in the most underrepresented candidates, and reconnect with candidates in your ATS.

40 %
Increase in percentage of Latinx hires after working with Atipica.
Total number of women employees added after business partnerships.
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Talent Acquisition

Power up your Applicant Tracking system

We work closely with our clients to customize the data in the ATS and HRIS to Atipica. We make improvements based on a comprehensive data integrity health check after we integrate.

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Atipica is a data analysis tool that mines the current contents of your applicant tracking system. It helps to determine what demographic group applicants fall into. The software applies to the entire contents of your ATS, not just those who fill out EEOC. With Atipica, we can see historical data about the candidates in our pipeline.

Head of Recruiting, Patreon
Level up your talent acquisition today
Talent Acquisition

Benchmark against industry leaders and peers

Are you on track with your peers? We use EEOC data, as well as data from our own databases, to provide benchmarks for talent availability and hire rates across the U.S. Help your Recruiting team set metrics and goals for sourcing that align with stakeholder expectations.

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Our partnership with Atipica, an analytics tool to examine the diversity of our talent pipeline, allows us to best examine demographic data and be strategic in our attempts moving forward.

Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Clover
Talent Acquisition

Trust our ethical data science and Inclusive Algorithms

We continuously improve and version our models so we can provide you with the latest, most inclusive algorithms.

We are committed to building technology our clients and community can trust, with ethical algorithms at the center, and a commitment to data privacy. We are SOC 2 Accredited, reflecting our efforts to center data security and privacy in our partnerships.

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Discover the ROI of Atipica

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Discover the ROI of Atipica

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