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The Atipica Difference

60 %
of all applicants don’t self report. We fill in those data gaps with our patented modeling.
40 %
Increase in percentage of Latinx hires after working with Atipica.
Total number of women employees added after business partnerships.
Our team is diverse and builds ethical, inclusive products.
We commit to building long term partnerships with our clients.
We aim for underrepresented folks to gain access to opportunity across all industries.
Access best in class recommendations from HR Leaders

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Diversity Intelligence

Benchmark your talent investments against peers

Talent Acquisition teams leverage data to measure and track investments in diverse recruiting and hiring, identify talent from the applicant pool, and compare against industry trends.

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Platinum Advising

Build equity into every step of your process

We work with company leaders and recruiting teams to maximize investments in inclusion strategies and people management processes.

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Inclusive Rediscovery

Re-engage underrepresented candidates

Recruiters love our candidate re-engagement tool! Our algorithms minimize bias in the recruiting process, elevating candidates with matching skill sets already in your applicant tracking system (ATS). We don’t rely on pattern matching.

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Augment API

Power up Internal Analytics

Talent Acquisition leaders leverage our AI and machine learning models to see aggregate trends by demographic group in the hiring process. Engage key stakeholders in DEI conversations with our one-click shareable reports.

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Atipica uses AI to predict the race and gender of applicants and then it goes one step further and assembles for you a more diverse applicant pool. It says ‘No, there is structural inequality in the world and we’re going to use AI to try and remedy that structural inequality.

Meredith Broussard, AI researcher and author of Artificial Unintelligence, NYU Professor