An Inclusive AI platform
for the talent life cycle.

With our patented technology, we help organizations build modern, inclusive workforces.

The Atipica Difference

Visualize predicted, aggregate race, gender, and skillsets of your applicant pool.
Track and measure progress towards Diversity & Inclusion goals.
Reconnect with candidates from underrepresented backgrounds through our platform.
Receive automated recommendations on diversity & inclusion recruiting best practices that meet the needs of your business.

Our Clients

Our Impact

Atipica has helped companies transform their hiring process and build truly diverse teams.

Before Atipica, we did not have a way to benchmark or track efforts in terms of D&I and recruiting.
Now we do.
After a little more than two years of including Atipica’s API data to guide our efforts, we’ve achieved 50/50 gender parity on our technical team!
Atipica’s tech is unique and let us be strategic, specific and smart.

With Atipica

Leverage data and our predictive AI capabilities to improve diversity & inclusion within your company.
Reduce time manually reviewing resumes; leverage intuitive dashboards with our seamless integrations.
Expedite the hiring process, grow your pipeline, and reduce costs.
Build a more inclusive workforce, adapt to the growing diverse labor market.
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