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Atipica Blog Series
"Diversity Debt in Leaky Pipelines: What We Found When We Analyzed Millions of Recruiting Data Points." Mar 2017
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Atipica Matching

We automatically review all your historical and current resumes. Your sourcing and recruiting teams determine the importance of each skill you want to focus on for each open position - on demand and in real-time!

To help maximize job compatibility, we have over two years of product design and dozens of studies to reduce biases and pattern matching.
Atipica Deep Dive

Looking for people analytics tools? Wish you could get a deep dive look into historical and current sourcing, recruiting and hiring metrics?

We are here to help you understand the lifetime value of your recruiting data. We provide public, location, internal and industry data so you can set goals based on relevant workforce benchmarks.

Atipica Diversity

Our DNA is diversity and inclusion.

Atipica focuses on demographic trends and patented algorithms to help get granular insights to diversify the workplace. Our data models are up to 96% accurate and are proprietary to Atipica. That means we work outside of self-reporting candidate and employee data. How? Schedule a demo to find out!

Macbook product
"Business intelligence offerings streamline people operations
and improve recruiting, candidate and employee experiences."
ATS Integration
Seamless integration designed to extract the data your business needs.
Automatically Review Resumes
For all open critical roles, as well as future job requisitions.
Continuous Matching
We categorize candidates so that we are constantly matching applicants to all applicable job requisitions over time.
Diversity and Inclusion
Our models are applicable to all products and databases in your talent lifecycle.
Funnel Business Intelligence
Learn more about internal and external factors affecting your people operations activities.
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Telling good stories
We know people operations can sometimes be tedious. That is why our approach is to make sure all of our business partners and clients have the tools they need to succeed. Our approach is to become the first Business Intelligence (BI) platform to intelligently recommend improvements in your recruiting and human resources processes. Help us build the people-first, data-driven solution in HR!
Different from competitors, Atipica has a unique
Proprietary advantage in machine learning in the talent lifecycle.