Atipica: Talent and Diversity Intelligence Solutions for the Modern Workforce.
Finally, a business intelligence solution, built on top of your talent database, that predicts your hiring needs while surfacing your recruiting and hiring patterns.
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Unlock the Tools to Achieve Your Hiring and Diversity Goals
Our patent pending solution is the only product that provides a demographic breakdown, with specific direction on where you can get started to achieve your hiring needs.
Our insightful recommendations help you spend less time analyzing your data and more time achieving your goals.
We have analyzed millions of industry and internal data points so you don’t have to! We also predict hiring outcomes based on historical company and applicant behaviors.
Atipica leverages the latest technologies to extract your applicant’s demographic and skills from a resume- all without lifting a single resume.
Our personalized and empathetic approach helps guide you through traditionally difficult conversations around your diversity and inclusion data.
Ability for hiring managers to create on-demand reports of both company rejections and applicant withdrawals and filter these by hiring stage and department.
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