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Building the world’s first Inclusive AI platform for the talent life cycle. Atipica helps you understand your workforce and prospective workforce, from demographics to skills to experience, to help you adapt to the future of work.
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Inclusive AI
At Atipica, we think of Inclusive AI in terms of data science, algorithms, and their ethical implications. This way you can rest assure our models are not replicating the biases of humans that hinder diversity while getting patent-pending aggregate demographic insights of your talent pool.
DIVERSITY INTELLIGENCEAutomated, robust predictive analytics for top of the funnel. No more manual EEO-1 reports! Intelligence applies our models to help you get the data you need. Now.
INCLUSIVE REDISCOVERYEfficiently mine your candidate and prospect pools for skills, experience, underrepresented candidates and more.
AUGMENT APIIntegrate Atipica-generated modeling and statistical analysis into your internal own analytics platform and customize accordingly.
How it Works
Resurface candidates based on their skills while cutting time spent on resume reviewing by 60%. Underrepresented candidates are automatically rediscovered in seconds.
Our patent-pending models predict gender and race from aggregate resume and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) information. The result is an automated, ongoing optimization of the top of the hiring funnel.
Our inclusive recommendations offer trends and insights on industry behaviors while providing a baseline for data-driven, diversity goals.
SOME OF Atipica's Features
Our ATS integration and dynamic analytical tools allow for full compatibility with your ATS and Sourcing CRM’s. Our partnerships with ATS software companies allow you to unlock your talent data and received detailed reports quickly, with no manual work on your end.
We extract valuable information listed on your candidate resumes, such as skill sets, experience, and demographics. This enables us to magnify and enhance the standard reporting found in other tools, supplementing the efforts of your people analytics team. Data extraction is automated and happens in seconds.
Discover capable, underrepresented candidates and gain insight into your company, applicant and industry behaviors. Our robust data models give you tools, including emails and recommendations, to create a modern workforce.

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store and serve all of our applications. The AWS cloud meets several global security compliance requirements. Access to the AWS management console is restricted to certain members of the Atipica team, and we regularly monitor server logs to identify unusual usage or unauthorized access attempts, making sure your data is in the right hands.
Data Security
About us

We’re Atipica (pronounced / ah-TEE-pee-kah/), and we’re building the world’s first Inclusive AI for the talent life cycle. We help companies build a modern, inclusive workforce through their internal data, our proprietary algorithms and public information.

About Our Founder

Atipica was founded in 2016 by Laura I. Gomez, a proud immigrant raised in Silicon Valley. Having worked in tech since her first internship with Hewlett-Packard at age 17, Laura has been on teams at Google, YouTube, Jawbone, and Twitter, where she was a founding member of the International team. Her passion for diversity in tech inspired her to start Atipica.

About Our Team

Today, Atipica is proud to have engineers, data scientists, and leaders of varied backgrounds from all over the world. Our mission is to work with companies to help them unlock their talent data and help them achieve their Diversity and Inclusion hiring goals. We lead data-driven initiatives that help top level leaders understand the business benefits of machine learning in recruiting and diversity, and we’re continuously working towards inclusive and empathetic tech. You could even say it’s in our DNA.

Our Investors

We believe that startups can leverage information technology to solve real world problems and tangibly improve the lives of millions through innovations in the fields of education, finance, health, work, justice and more. Key to this philosophy is our deep commitment to diversity.

True was born in 2005 out of a simple vision: create a new kind of venture capital firm that focuses on supporting the earliest stage Founders and their teams. We believe in building community, taking bold risks, and supporting our companies throughout their entire lifecycles.

Precursor Ventures was founded with one simple premise. It is our belief that all entrepreneurs, regardless of background, benefit from having an institutional investor to help them scale and grow their company from the very beginning.

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LinkedIn named Data, Diversity, and AI as 3 of its 4 top workforce trends in 2018, see how Atipica can help you achieve these goals!
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